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The Green Mamas
  • The Green Mamas

    Meet the cutie Peace Lily! Not only is it a breeze to care for, but it also symbolizes tranquility, happiness, and good fortune. It's the perfect gift for any mama, promising years of continual growth and radiating endless amounts of joy!


    *Supplies are limited*

    • We Support

      POME is committed to being as sustainable as possible and supports local, womxn-owned businesses. Everything we create is made with intention and 100% love! 

      All of our flowers and plants are sourced locally from small sustainable farms in the Hudson Valley and independent shops in NYC.


    • Plant Care & Size

      Peace Lily Plant Care: 

      • Sunlight - Peace lilies like bright indirect light & will adapt to lower light. Too much bright light will burn the foliage. Too little light will not produce flowers and foliage growth will be slow.

      • Water - These cuties love humidity & like their soil to be moist. Water when top 1/4 of the soil is dry. If the plant gets too dry it will dramatically wilt, but never fear a good *bottom watering should perk it right back up. 

      • Soil & Temp - they need a good rich soil that drains well. As for temperature keep in 65F-85F range of for best results. 

      *Check out our plant care section (located in the footer) for more tips! 


      Plant Size: Plant comes in a 2.5in pot & should be 6-8 inches tall (height may vary).   

    • Local Pick Up - Dates & Info

      Local Pick Up: Dylan's Wine Cellar,  Peekskill, NY    

      • Pick-Up Dates 5/10, 5/11 & 5/12 
      • *NOTE* which day you'd like to pick up in the area labeled 'Pick Up & Delivery Requests' located in your shopping cart when you go to check out. 
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