Flowers are much more than beauty to me. They are a reminder of growth, color, diversity & the interconnectivity of all living things. Committing to flowers was my refuge & response to deep pain. It was a source of energy, a creative regeneration & has continued to be my path to healing.  

Full Circle Mother-Nature-Magic!

The business 

POME florals 

Pome comes from the old French word for apple. Every apple has at least 5 seeds, each containing  their own genetic makeup, giving them the superpower to survive anywhere. This means that an apple, or Pome, is like 5 distinctly different people coming together to ensure each will thrive. How cool is that?!

My mission has always been to create a company where I can connect & give back to my community. Through POME florals I intend to: 

  • Put intention into action through practicing rituals of care & creativity,

  • Thoughtfully source from women - owned, small, local organic farms that prioritize sustainability & uplifting their communities. 

Why Local & why women? 

sustainable practices explained

Did you know?

  • 80% of cut-flowers are flown into the US.

  • They are filled with toxic chemicals that are poisonous to humans & 5x more destructive to the ozone layer than carbon emissions.

  • Big waste in the industry comes from the reliance of single - use plastics for packaging & things like floral foam for design. 

Did you know?​​

  • Women in the US are only paid 82 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts.. 

  • Farm & Agricultural is ranked #3, compared to all other jobs, for having the largest pay gap.

  • The pay gap gets even wider for women of color, LGBTQ & women in executive level roles., 

MEET MY team


Harper is from Brooklyn, NY. He loves to spend his time running around in nature, laying in the sun, & befriending animals & people alike. His keen sense of smell & eye for the freshest flowers make him a real asset to the POME team. Harper enjoys making others laugh, he is an excellent listener & is always up for an adventure.  

Thank you for taking the time to read what

POME florals is all about. Click below to join the Farm-to-Vase flower share.

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