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POME comes from the old French word for apple. Every apple has at least 5 seeds, each containing  their own genetic makeup, giving them the superpower to survive anywhere. This means that an apple, or Pome, is like 5 distinctly different people coming together to ensure each will thrive. How cool is that?!

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Our Mission


At POME we work from a biophilic design ethos, which means a practice rooted in sustainability & the theory that humans have an innate need to connect with nature. When you walk into a room we want to evoke your senses with bright colors, shapes & smells. We want to help you find more reverence for your space because beautiful spaces inspire creativity, connection & elevate your health & well being. AKA - Flowers make people happy!  


POME aims to be as sustainable as possible and to support local, women-owned businesses. Everything we create is set with intention & made with 100% love.


Hi, I'm 

Founder of Pome florals & this is my story. 

In 2016, my photography career started to take off after a series of group and solo shows in New Orleans & Brooklyn. I was on a high until an incident made me question my safety & the strength of my community. I felt lost, I didn’t want to create anymore. My energy was at an all time low until a close friend asked me to think of the one thing that always made me feel good & flowers came to mind.


The 28th street flower market had been my sanctuary as a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology (It is just around the corner from FIT). Just the sight of the lush plants overflowing into the streets mixed with the lingering sweet scent of flowers was enough to instantly shift my mood. The sheer variety of vibrant colors, textures & shapes of the flowers that filled this little block, tucked in the middle of manhattan, made it my happy place. 


After years of work & self-reflection in 2019 I decided to shift my career to focus on flowers. I took a leap of faith & enrolled in the floral design program at The Flower School NY. Through flowers I became a part of a strong collaborative community of talented women working with flowers solely because it made our lives better. Flowers have become much more than beauty to me; they are a reminder of growth, safety, diversity & the interconnectivity of all living things. They are a vital source of creative regeneration that I love. Through POME florals I hope to share the happiness that flowers bring to me with as many people as possible!


Meet the Team

Harper The Pup

Harper is a snacker lover, stick chewer & top notch flower sniffer from Brooklyn, NY. His keen sense of smell & eye for the freshest flowers make him a real asset at POME. Harper has become our number one community & team leader. It’s no wonder as he is an excellent listener, armed with a seriously good hug & is always up for a fun adventure.



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