The Friends with Benefits Bouquet
  • The Friends with Benefits Bouquet

    This bouquet is filled with heartleaf Philodendron clippings that you can plant! 


    The Philodendron plant is a climbing heart-shaped cuite that represents the celebration of personal growth. It's a perfect gift to remind some one you're thinking of them or to treat yourself!


    *glass vessels not included 

    • We Support

      POME is committed to being as sustainable as possible and supports local, womxn-owned businesses. Everything we create is made with intention and 100% love! 

      All of our flowers and plants are sourced locally from small sustainable farms in the Hudson Valley and independent shops in NYC.


    • Plant Care

      Plant care: Take your clippings out from their packaging, put them into a vessel & fill with water. Once the clippings form roots 1-2 inches or longer you have the option to plant them in soil. In most cases the Philodendron plant can survive in water for extended periods of time so feel free to leave them in water - it’s up to you!

      • Sunlight - Loves medium indirect light, but can tolerate low indirect light (Note: direct sunlight may cause the plants color to fade)
      • Water - Allow the soil to dry out between waterings on average about 1-2 weeks. Remember to Increase frequency with increased light & during cold months water less.
      • Temperature - Thrives in temperatures between 65°F-75°F