Make it Bloom!

Start rituals that make you happy.

Learn to arrange flowers to build yourself a sanctuary while connecting with like-minded creatives. Each class includes a bloom box of thoughtfully sourced ingredients. You deserve it!




The Floral Enlightenment Ritual

Each flower has its own origin and meaning, and together we will learn how to harness this unique energy to create your own personalized ritual.

Everything Nice Weaths

Properly make your neighbors jealous. Learn to make a bespoke holiday wreath with intention and style using all local ingredients.

Hand-tied Happiness

This class will guide you set-by-step on how to make a professional bespoke bouquet to instantly beautify your home.


Reasons To Gather

Create a gorgeous tablescape that will make everyone want to take a seat at your table. Grab your own dinnerware and decor and let’s have fun while we learn to curate a special gathering. It’s as simple as that. 

The Flower Tarot

Like Tarot cards, each flower has its own meaning. Using floral ingredients and art supplies, you will learn how to invoke the energy of a flower to create your own Tarot card. Get ready to manifest your goals!

The tiny Bouquet

This class is based on the principles of community sharing and the art of thoughtful gifting. Learn how to transform one bouquet into multiple tiny gifts to share with friends, family or even better, to a stranger! Trust me, this class will give you a rush of instant happiness you didn’t know you needed.