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I wasn't sure if it was right time to start my flower business with so much hurt in the world. But this business was build from a place of deep pain & has been the source of my healing. flower arranging has become my meditation. It reminds me to slow down & be present. when I feel my worst the sight, smell & color of flowers can completely change my mood in seconds. I want people to know they are not alone & to offer something that has gifted me support & happiness to as many people as possible.

The flower share begins in July!

$10 of Every share will be donated to

Soul fire Farm "a BIPOC*-centered community farm committed to ending racism & injustice in the food system." They rock! click here to check them out.

The business 

pome florals 

Pome comes from the old french word for Apple. Every apple has at least 5 seeds that all have their own genetic makeup giving them the superpower to survive anywhere. This means that an Apple or Pome is like 5 people coming together to ensure each will thrive. How cool is that?!


My mission has alway been to create a company where I can connect + give back to my community. With flowers I intend to do just that by only sourcing from small local organic farms with bad-ass women-growers, that prioritize sustainability, their staff & community to bring you super fresh cut-flowers with conscious care.

how does it work? 

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In Ritual behavior, "not only is seeing believing, doing is believing" - Barbara Myerhoff

POME florals

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